Iowa Popcorn Company FAQ

Q: How long has Iowa Popcorn Company been in Business?
A: Since 1990.

Q: Where does Iowa Popcorn Company get the popcorn?
A: Our popcorn is specially grown in western Iowa.

Q: Are your other ingredients made/grown in Iowa?
A: Why, yes! All our ingredients come from Iowa.

Q: What makes Iowa Popcorn Company popcorn so good?
A: First, we purchase the best ingredients; each selected from a small list of exceptional suppliers. Second, we produce products in small batches for quality control. Third, we use only our exclusive proprietary recipes; each one formulated and blended for an exceptional Iowa Popcorn Company look and taste.

Q: Where do Iowa Popcorn Company recipes come from?
A: We developed our recipes ourselves, in our kitchen in the back of the store. In fact, we are regularly experimenting with new ideas.

Q: Where do you make your popcorn?
A: We do all our popcorn production right here in the Marion shop, right in the back of our retail store.

Q: Why can’t I buy Iowa Popcorn Company products at Casey’s or Hy-Vee?
A: We exclusively operate out of our Marion, Iowa retail store location at 714 10th Street. The wholesale portion of the business was sold in 2019 and therefore we no longer sell our products in grocery stores or convenience stores across eastern Iowa. We still own our trademark, copyrights, exclusive proprietary formulas, and direct mail business.

Q: Do you take orders?
A: Absolutely we do! We are happy to assist with all parties, weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, and graduations. We can easily assist and advise customers with product recommendations and quantities for any event. Give us a call or stop by the store.

Q: Why should I buy Iowa Popcorn Products?
A: If you want the best, buy the best. We're biased, but quite simply our products taste better than any other popcorn products we know of in the entire state. Iowa Popcorn Company offers an unmatched quality which you're sure to appreciate after your first taste!